How to Best Invest in Your Downline Recruits

For those of us who run businesses dependent upon the performance of sales associates or downline recruits, the issue of successfully managing our human capital is paramount. The compounding effect of successfully managing sales people or downline is significant, so the exponential return of investing in an effort to improve their performance is also significant. There are two simple components to any effort aimed at improving or even maintaining your investment in people. 

1.         Inspiration-Everybody needs some level of inspiration. Even seasoned sales people or recruits have down times and in these economic times more and more people are experiencing some level of disappointment. Tried and true words of encouragement from famous philosophers, poets or authors are worthy of study by you the manager. If you are in a position of leadership you yourself have probably come across various writings or teachings that have inspired you to your success. Share them with your team. 

2.         Practical Advice and Techniques-Nothing helps people to feel like they can move forward and focus on something positive like practical advice. Giving specific step by step instructions is key to getting your people not only motivated but seeing results.    Examples of practical advice would be to instruct your recruits to write two articles per day; hand out 100 flyers per week, post one blog entry per day, etc.. these kinds of quantifiable actions are easy to follow and will help people to develop a routine they can follow.

Inspiration and practical advice are key components to building your team of sales people and recruits and will pay huge dividends if you follow this routine on a regular basis.

Email Marketing: A Time-Tested Digital Marketing Strategy for a Highly Profitable Business

When a business wants to achieve successful marketing, it really doesn’t have to be complicated, but formulating and establishing a fail-safe and extremely efficient and effective marketing strategy is absolutely challenging. The competition gets tougher and more multifarious each day as competitors innovate and do their thing to overthrow and outshine the other brands.

For a fact, struggling new entrepreneurs should always bear in mind that there all marketing strategies are time-tested and has brought success to most dominant brands nowadays, but not a single marketing scheme would be effective for all businesses. There would be a need to tailor-fit and customize the marketing tactics for it to be applicable to specific businesses. And all these proven and tested marketing tactics could really be efficient if used and done right.

· Email Marketing. Though sending emails have been considered by some to really be a thing of the Jurassic Ages, email marketing strategies still remain on top in establishing brand credibility and powerful online presence and most importantly boosting the company’s profit beyond its margins. Emails sent to prospective clients could really get the company’s message across and allows them to engage with their email subscribers more effectively and converting them from customers to dedicated buyers. For most marketers, sending highly-optimized emails is the perfect way to make investments and do business with people.

· Affiliate Marketing. This marketing strategy has become really effective especially for well-established brands. As a business who engages in this type of marketing, paying for commissions for those who generate sales is the approach. By this, affiliate marketers could also get other people to promote and market the product for them on a commission basis. But, this marketing strategy also has its setbacks and one of them is that the overhead expenses on commissions and promotional stints will be more costly prompting the company to increase the pricing. Because of the relatively higher product price, competitors would have an edge. The best solution to this is to attract business partners to help expand the budget, to compute for the cost of affiliate commission and look into the lifetime value of the customers and to keep in mind long-term profits.

· Partnership is an option. As a business grows, marketing the products would be more demanding in terms of generating new leads and customers. And when this happens, the need to engage into a proficient strategic partnership would be essential to increase the advertising and promotional budget. Collaboration with a company related to the business would be a great idea like a clothing company merging or collaborating with accessories or footwear companies would open a plethora of sales opportunities; and the partnership would grow both businesses at the same time.

· Influencer marketing is something like the strategic partnership marketing strategy, but this makes use of popular people or celebrities to endorse the brand to pave the way for the business to reach audiences that are already highly-engaged. This would be something that can cost quite a large amount of money, but this marketing tactic would catalyze and leverage the sales and eventually bring the company booming revenues and marketing success.

Ideas For Smart Investing the Credit Card Companies Don’t Want YOU to Know

If you do not have a credit rating you need to get educated. This is a growing trend.

Be aware credit cards can be very tempting on spending money that really should not be spent.

A credit score is determined by a number of factors such as your credit history and financial status. Do not let your credit score ever get in the hole. You must be responsible. Payments need to be on time. Always pay more than the minimum amount. This may sound funny, but you will get a better score if you let part of your payment roll over to the next payment period. This shows an ability to repay a debt over time. Be aware that you may be charge interest. Typically, new accounts have a 6 or 12 month interest free period, so take advantage of it. Just make sure you can back all your purchases.

Open one or two credit cards, along with a store credit card i.e. Home Depot. Never max out a card. Generally, you will want to keep a buffer between the limit and the amount on the card at any given time. As time continues and you show a clean credit history you will develop a higher score. Your limits will go up. Be away that credit card offers will find you left and right, so never exceed yourself. At all points your financing should be in check. If this is the case you came prepared then you will never have one of the “emergencies”.

The credit card companies and major retailers are just throwing money at the American people. Can you see it? What am I getting to? The majoring of these offers are all interest free for 12, 18, I have even seen 24 month. No payments are due and the loan is interest free.

So, how can we use this buying power to our advantage? There are many market money and income accounts out there that gain a steady 6% interest. Now, imagine taking the money for that new entertainment system and investing it at a steady 6% interest. In the mean time the credit card is interest free. When the payment date rolls around, simple pay the bill off, and you will have also acquired interest on the money.

This simple concept can be applied in many scenarios. Just be creative and wise with your investment.

I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading. This is Steven Massari The Cash Flow Expert writing, make it a great day!