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Scared Senseless – My Beginning Into Real Estate Investing

I want to talk about what I did when I first got started in flipping properties. I guess getting started is probably one of the biggest hurdles that anyone will encounter when they start out discovering how real estate investing works especially if this is your first time investing in real estate opportunities.

So, I am going to take you through the process in how I got started.

I ordered a course off e-bay and although it was used, the course was a very informative course. The only problem was I had no one to consult for questions that I had. The course was very informative but I had no one to mentor me. I still had a lot of questions so I was a little hesitant on a couple of things but being the risk taker that I am I forged ahead. I even went as far as asking a couple of my realtor friends for advice about the wholesaling process.

They told me they had never heard of such a thing. The course that I bought off e-bay informed me ahead of time that little to none of the realtors in my area would know about or even had heard of the process of wholesaling houses.

Knowing that this was a little known process gave me more encouragement to forge ahead. The first thing I did was order 50 bandit signs which are the signs you see on the side of the road that state, “We Buy houses”. You may see these all over your area. I ordered 50 of those and actually at the time I overpaid which I did not know and it cost me 250 – 300 for those signs.

I basically stopped at the first sign shop that I came across which was actually at a Wal-Mart locally so I started putting signs out on Sunday and started receiving calls actually that Monday of course and I was amazed at that point that the tips I learned in the course I bought worked that fast. I could have stopped at that point and felt like it was worth the cost I paid for the course. That may sound sad but you have to understand that I have tried many different businesses and none of them usually had panned out as far as making a profit.

Anyway I entertained the calls that came through. The first two calls that came in were deals. One was a lease option which could have been a wholesale opportunity but I was so green at the time I could not see it.

The second call was these two sisters. I really had no idea about the ARV (average repaired value) I had just a general idea about what houses would sell for in that area I was able to get that house under contract for $20,000. I was so afraid to even put the house under contract. I searched around on the internet and finally just came up with the idea to go with a one page contract. This contract would not be so intimidating for me and also for the seller.

You always have to remember that even when you are in this business and doing 3 or 4 deals a month that the seller may have only done 1 or 2 deals in their lifetime. This was an interesting deal because when I showed up this was in 2003 I had a 1995 Toyota Celica so I definitely did not look like I had enough money to buy this house cash.

When I walked in that house I guess it was just the way I presented myself they thought I was going to write them a check that day but obviously I wasn’t. I explained to them that the process of a deal would include putting it under contract and doing a title check. This was the first thing deal I did and from that point on and now I have done over 350 real estate deals.

Build Your Profitable Business – Starting Now

Do you ever feel like it’s an uphill battle to build your business so that it’s profitable?

Well, you’re not alone! Most entrepreneurs begin their business because of their passion. Who knew there was so much to learn about how to make that passion profitable, right? I know that business owners everywhere face this dilemma, especially solo-entrepreneurs and those who are service-based (coaches, consultants, healers, etc.)

So just where do you start if you’re ready to stop struggling and begin creating the profitable business you dream of? Well, I’ve got some ideas for you. (Imagine that!) I’d like to outline a step-by-step process you can follow to create the business success you desire.

5 Steps to Build Your Profitable Business

Step 1: Clarify Your Vision

Why is this so important to creating a profitable business? Well, it may not seem obvious at first, but if you don’t know what your vision is for your business you’ll find yourself floundering when it comes to creating success.

By clarifying your vision you create alignment between your personal values, your ideal life, and your business goals. When you do that, you’ll be running a successful business and creating your dream life. You know, the dream life you got into business for in the first place.

Step 2: Claim Your Tribe

Before you can successfully create offers of any kind for your tribe (your niche, your people, your target market) you absolutely need to know who they are, what their problems are and what they want from you. Let’s face it, you can’t create a successful offer if you don’t know who you’re trying to help and what kind of help they want.

At this point it may be time for you to dig deep – deeper than you’ve already gone – to clearly identify how you can best serve your tribe. The result of doing this is that you’ll be able to tailor your brilliance specifically to meet your tribe’s needs – serving them in powerful and relevant ways.

Step 3: Focus Your Expertise

This is where you identify exactly what you’re passionate about sharing with your tribe. You absolutely need to identify and focus your expertise in order to move forward in your business with confidence. Instead of thinking “well, I should just do this because it worked for so-and-so” you identify and focus in on your own gifts, talents, strengths, and passions. Then both you and your clients will be able to see you as the expert you already are.

When you complete these first three steps you’ll be standing on a solid business foundation. And now building your successful, profitable business becomes a whole lot easier.

Step 4: Design Your Programs

With your strong foundation in place you can begin building desirable programs and offers that meet your potential clients’ needs.

Why is this step so crucial to creating a thriving, profitable business? Because you’ve got to know how to share your brilliance in a way that your clients are interested in – in a way that meets their needs and that they’re willing to invest in. How can they understand the deep value that you provide if they aren’t already familiar with what you do and its benefits? They need a frame of reference. They need context. And that’s what your signature programs do for you – help your clients see what you do and understand what’s in it for them.

When you do that well, the programs you create become your signature. You become known for programs that get results clients care about. You will be able to successfully transform the core of your powerful work into a framework that your potential clients understand, are attracted to, and are ready to sign up for. Your signature programs also help your clients more easily achieve the results they desire because you will have outlined a clear path for them to follow.

Step 5: Market Your Magic

By transforming your natural brilliance into desirable programs, you’ve created a little bit of magic. Magic that is uniquely you and that emphasizes what you offer your clients.

It’s time to identify your best marketing options as well as the systems and technical aspects that need to be in place for a smooth launch of your program. As a result you’ll have a personalized marketing strategy for your program that you can have confidence in and actually follow through on. You’ll be in alignment with your values, your program, your clients, and your business goals.

That’s it. Those are the five core steps for building your profitable business.

Just imagine what becomes possible for you in your business once you’ve walked through all five of these steps, taking time to align with your business vision, speaking clearly to your tribe and their needs, focusing your expertise every step of the way, and organizing your brilliance into programs and offers that meet your clients’ needs. This yields amazing results!

Taking action to implement these five powerful steps will (1) result in the successful transformation of your brilliance into your own, unique signature programs that will (2) greatly enhance the one-on-one client work you’re already doing and (3) take you beyond individual client work so that you can leverage your time and energy.

And then what? Then you are indeed building your profitable (and sustainable!) business. And that means you are creating your dream life.

I know that you’re passionate about what you do and that you want to help even more people with your gifts and expertise.

So begin today.

Create the successful, flourishing business you dream of by applying these powerful steps. And don’t do it alone. You don’t have to!

Give yourself and your business future the support needed to grow and flourish with ease.

The One Investment to Make in Your Career For 2009 – A Career Coach

According to CNN, over 1.2 million jobs have already been lost. As I write this, I wonder how many of you (and your families) have been directly effected by this mind-boggling surge in unemployment – and more importantly, what are you doing to stand out in the crowd? Now more than ever – whether you have a job or not, the expertise of a career coach is an invaluable investment that you make in your future.

From the CEO to the receptionist, no one’s position is safe in this economy. Being able to reinvent yourself and creatively focus your job search in areas you may never have considered is a huge asset. A career coach brings this broad vision and limitless other gifts to the table.

  • Have you been in one career for many years and you’re not sure what else you could do? Your career coach will analyze your resume and objectively look at your results and responsibilities. With this type of objective analysis on your side, it’s likely that you will find a vast array of roles you could take on – and a more challenging career because of it!
  • Are you in an industry that is being particularly hard hit by the economic downturn, such as banking or real estate? Your personal career coach will be able to sit with you and ask the right questions in order to help you refocus your expertise toward other industries that are more vibrant – and perhaps even growing. Job security is priceless right now, and your career coach will help you define and redefine yourself and your expertise in order to change course and move toward safer water.
  • Have you come “this” close to what you’ve always wanted, but somehow never quite gone for it? Your personal career coach is your guide through these blocks. He or she will provide you with expert advice, priceless insights and the much-needed tools to find your all of your expertise and passion and help you plot a realistic course from where you are to where you want to be.

By investing in a few months (or even weeks) of career coaching, you will be introduced to a level of objective discovery and suggestions that can literally change your life. Be sure to find a coach that uses tangible, fact-finding tools, such as the DiSC Behavioral Model, to help you discover as much about yourself and your “perfect” work environment as possible. Ideally, your coach will be expertly accredited and either be, or be closely connected to, a staffing firm. And be sure that he or she brings a new look and exciting verbiage to your resume, CV, cover letter and thank you letter (a vitally important, and often overlooked ingredient in any job search). And don’t forget the enormous value of the mock interview to shake off interview jitters and help you be as prepared as possible.

Ideally, your career coach will bring a myriad of gifts to the table to assist you in creating the one thing none of us can be without in 2009: VISION. This year will be the time to have bi-focal vision and bionic hearing. You will absolutely need one eye turned inward to see your unique gifts and assets (and your potential blocks to success), one eye facing outward to plot a real course toward personal success on every level. Finally, you’ll need a super-sonic ear for opportunities that you might never have discovered before. If you choose wisely, your career coach and staffing firm will become much more than a portal to your next job, they will become invaluable partners on your road to lifelong success and a vibrant, truly fulfilling career.